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The King’s University at Kansas City Teaching Site* launched in 2015 on the campus of LifeMission Church (formerly known as Life Church), a vibrant and growing church in Olathe, Kansas, in the southwestern quadrant of the Kansas City metropolitan area. “Education and ministry–better together” is the hallmark of the university, and “Doing Life with God Together” is the motto for LifeMission Church. TKU Kansas City represents a wonderful partnership aimed at extending the kingdom of God in the hearts and homes of people throughout Kansas City, in the surrounding region, and to the ends of the earth. LifeMission Church is pleased to host the school with the goal of empowering believers for service and developing leaders for the Christian community in the wider Kansas City metro area.

TKU Kansas City seeks to develop servant leaders who have been taught enduring truth, learned how to think biblically and theologically, given historical perspective and a global vision, and shown how to integrate the mind and the spirit. We will provide seasoned ministers and healthy teachers who can serve as mentors and fathers, who model and teach how to have healthy relationships, give them opportunities to serve in practical ministry in actual churches, and demonstrate how to live and minister as healthy, Spirit-empowered followers of Christ.

We want to impact the part of the world we live in—the greater Kansas City area—as well as impacting the rest of the world through the transformed lives of Christian men and women. We want to develop healthy followers of Jesus Christ—disciples who are healthy spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, relationally, financially, theologically, and physically, and who are thus able to serve him and the Church in his mission to redeem the world. We want to bring healing to a fatherless generation, supplying models and mentors who can be vehicles for understanding and receiving the Father’s love, thus bringing greater spiritual restoration to the wider culture. We want to train healthy ministers as best we are able with the hope that we can graduate servant leaders who understand the Bible, the Holy Spirit, the church, the culture, themselves, and how to think as well as how to minister.

Our modular and weekly classes and practicums offer students the opportunity to learn from outstanding teachers and leaders, to reflect upon the truth of Scripture in the light of the Spirit’s ministry in their own lives, and to apply its teaching to real life in the setting of churches of varying sizes in the American Midwest, as well as in the variety of cultures in the world–and the region–today.

*Teaching Sites/Extension Sites are locations away from the main campus at which the institution offers less than 50% of an educational program.  Students at this Teaching Site who wish to complete their programs are encouraged to speak with their Academic Advisor about transferring either into an Online degree program, or to one of our locations that offers full degrees (Southlake, Modesto, Van Nuys). 

Dr. Barry M. Foster

Site Director

Our partner church, LifeMission Church, began when Pastor Clint and Mary Sprague returned to their hometown in 2002 with a vision to see a dynamic, outreach-oriented church in the Kansas City area. Weekly Bible studies in their home quickly grew until the first service opened with just over one hundred people in attendance. Since that time, the church has continued to grow and now averages more than 2,000 in weekend attendance on two campuses. Five key words describe the purpose of LifeMission Church–making disciples of Jesus Christ by helping people to experience:

Salvation – experiencing new life, forgiveness and purpose
Family – connected for authentic, encouraging and life-giving relationships
Freedom – overcoming obstacles and enjoying who God created us to be
Growth – maturing in the abundant life God has planned for us
Mission – being used by God to touch the lives of others

Our vision is simply to be real, relevant, and revolutionary as we do life with God, together!

To learn more about LifeMission Church, visit www.lifemission.church.

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The King’s University Kansas City
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Partner Church: LifeMission Church

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